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St. Louis Fatal Truck Accidents

Due to the high volume of commercial traffic and congestion in and around St. Louis, deadly St. Louis truck accidents are prevalent. Truck accidents can be especially devastating, often resulting in passenger deaths due to commercial trucks’ sheer size and weight. 

If your loved one suffered from fatal injuries after a truck accident, our St. Louis truck accident attorneys can help you pursue legal action to recover some of your financial losses during this difficult time. Contact NST Law today to learn about wrongful death lawsuits and how we can assist the heirs of an accident victim. 

Common Causes of Fatal Truck Accidents in St. Louis

St. Louis has several significant interstates that wind through and around the city flooded with high commercial traffic, particularly along Interstates 170, 270, 70, 64, 55, and 44. Every day, thousands of commercial trucks haul goods through St. Louis, increasing your chances of being affected by a deadly truck accident. Because of high congestion and poor road conditions, St. Louis has an extremely high number of fatal truck accidents. 

Aside from the high volume of commercial traffic traversing through the city, factors contributing to fatal truck accidents in St. Louis, include: 

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Reckless driving
  • The weight of big trucks
  • Driving through red lights and not adhering to other traffic laws
  • Inclement weather conditions such as snow and ice
  • Poor road design in the St. Louis area 

Speeding is a particular concern for St. Louis law enforcement in recent years. In July 2021, the Missouri Department of Transportation announced there would be increased patrols along the I-44 corridor in St. Louis County. The police also announced that every other Friday in July and August, there would be increased patrols between Eureka and I-270 in an attempt to counteract common traffic problems causing unnecessary injuries and deaths.

Recent Fatal Truck Accidents in St. Louis

Most fatal truck accidents in St. Louis occur along the region’s many interstates due to the higher speed limits and traffic congestion. For example, in March 2021, the driver of a tractor-trailer and a person in another vehicle died on I-270 in a multi-vehicle crash in the area of Highway 370 and St. Charles Rock Road.  

In October 2020, a tractor-trailer struck and killed a good Samaritan along Interstate 44 in Eureka in another tragic story. The woman got out of her vehicle to help car accident victims before the truck struck her. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, as the 30-year-old woman was standing along the road, a tractor-trailer slammed into her as she checked on the drivers in the initial crash.  

Not all deadly truck accidents in St. Louis happen on busy interstates, though. In December 2020, a man driving a Volkswagen Passat died when he collided with a tractor-trailer on Riverview Drive and Hall Street, near the Baden and North Riverfront neighborhoods in North St. Louis. The driver of the Passat lost control of the car on an icy road, and the vehicle slid into oncoming traffic, hitting a tractor-trailer. The crash’s impact ejected the man from his car, and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Finally, in January 2021, a 73-year-old St. Louis man died in North St. Louis County when his Geo Prism crossed over lanes on North Hanley Road, north of Scudder Avenue, and the car went under a tractor-trailer. Medical personnel pronounced the driver of the Prism dead at the scene. The tractor-trailer driver didn’t suffer injuries. The accident happened at the intersection pictured below by the side of the highway at the crossway of Middleway Boulevard and Scudder Road:

Dangerous Intersections in St. Louis

St. Louis has many intersections where major interstates that stretch varying lengths across the U.S. meet and where large commercial vehicle traffic is exceptionally high as St. Louis’s roadways serve as a central transportation hub. Particularly, Interstate I-270 has a very high rate of crashes where it crosses over other highways and roads, including the intersections at: 

  • I-270 and Gravois Road (Highway 30) near the Sunset Country Club  
  • I-270 and I-44 near the Possum Woods Conservation Area 
  • I-270 and Manchester Road (Highway 100) near the Des Peres Park 
  • I-270 and Highway 340, near the Creve Coeur Golf Course 

St. Louis Fatal Truck Accident Settlements and Verdicts

At NST Law, we’ve secured numerous favorable settlements involving fatal truck accidents for our clients. In one case, the driver of an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer rear-ended a 65-year-old man in his vehicle while going over 60 miles per hour, rendering the man quadriplegic. Because of the injuries sustained in the crash, the man died seven months later.  

The trucking company offered to settle the case for only $600,000. We filed a lawsuit in federal court on our client’s behalf, and the case went to trial. We conducted a massive investigation into the crash, hiring around 15 experts to show that the trucking company was at fault for the collision. The trucking company offered to settle the case for more than $6 million on the last day of trial, and our client accepted the offer. This settlement resulted after we introduced evidence showing: 

  1. The truck driver had been on duty for 18 hours before the crash, violating federal regulations. 
  2. The trucking company hired the driver, knowing he had severe medical conditions. 

Make the important decision to contact us for legal advice concerning your serious or deadly truck accident case for yourself or your loved one. Past results show our dedication to our clients fighting for justice and fair compensation as truck accident attorneys. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve after your devastating losses.

How long do I have to file a wrongful death lawsuit after losing a loved one in a fatal truck accident in St. Louis?

Each state has a strict deadline for initiating personal injury and other lawsuits caused by another person’s negligence. In Missouri, wrongful death cases have a specific statute governing the time limit to file, separate from personal injury claims. Under Missouri’s wrongful death statutegenerally speaking the deadline for filing your lawsuit in a case involving a fatal truck accident is three years, with few exceptions. A personal injury lawyer with fatal truck accident experience can help you start your case and file all necessary documents on time to protect your legal right to compensation.

How can the lawyers at NST Law help me?

At NST Law, we have more than 30 attorneys and 100 staff with 30 years of experience in truck accident claims. If a negligent truck driver killed your loved one in a truck accident in St. Louis, we can help guide you through this difficult time by handling the legal aftermath to get you the compensation your family needs to cover your financial losses.  

Our attorneys will investigate your claim, collect all necessary evidence and documentation to support your assertions, decide which parties to hold liable for your losses, determine a fair worth for your case, meet deadlines for initiating your lawsuit, and provide you with legal advice throughout the process. Medical bills can quickly add up after accidents involving large trucks and commercial vehicles. You might also find yourself strapped with unexpected funeral expenses and facing the reality of a loss of income and benefits to support your family.  

We are a legal team of personal injury lawyers who can help you navigate the trucking industry laws and advocate for your legal rights after an accident involving a truck with serious injuries, disability, or death.  

If you lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident in St. Louis, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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