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St. Louis Speeding Truck Accidents

Speeding violations can have devastating repercussions that can forever change your life, especially when the vehicle involved in the speeding collision is a large and heavy 18-wheeler.

Imagine sitting in stand-still traffic on I-44 in St. Louis, when behind you, a large tractor-trailer is speeding down the roadway only to realize too late that they need to stop. In an instant, your whole life can be turned upside down due to the truck driver’s negligence, leaving you with catastrophic injuries, debilitating pain, and astronomical medical bills you can’t afford.

In these situations, you don’t have to endure the physical, emotional, and financial repercussions on your own. You have legal rights, and you need the help of a St. Louis truck accident lawyer who can go after the justice you deserve, securing fair compensation for your injuries and damages and easing the financial strain that follows a speeding truck accident.

At NST Law, we offer a free initial consultation to review the facts of your case and determine the validity and worth of your claim to get you the maximum payment for your recovery and losses.

Why do truck drivers speed?

Truck drivers are often put on tight deadlines by the trucking company they’re working for and their clients. If any issues arise that threaten these deadlines, such as bad traffic or inclement weather, truckers often have to make up time. As a result, they often drive at excessive speeds to reach their destination as fast as possible.

In addition, trucking industry studies have shown that truckers engaging in “excessive speeds” of more than 10 mph over the speed limit are:

  • 266% more likely than other drivers to be talking on their phones while driving
  • 241% more likely to be texting on their phone
  • 200% more likely to be consuming food, beverages, or engaging in “personal grooming”
    while driving

Recent Speeding Truck Accidents in St. Louis

Over 4,000 people are killed in large truck crashes every year. Although there are many causes for these accidents and subsequent deaths, speeding tends to be one of the more common reasons for fatal collisions.

In St. Louis, truck accident cases are known for causing numerous issues for residents in the city, not only because of the severe injuries that can result but the slowdowns in traffic these incidents cause. For instance, a semi-truck accident with a pickup truck along I-64 near Lake St. Louis Boulevard ended in a fatality and closed down the interstate. Additionally, a collision involving a box truck and another vehicle on the northbound lanes of I-270 at Dorsett in St. Louis County resulted in various injuries, backed-up area traffic, and closed roads.

St. Louis' Most Dangerous Roadways for Speeding Truck Accidents

There are many roadways in St. Louis where motor vehicle crashes and serious injuries tend to occur regularly. Some of the most dangerous streets in the city for speeding truck accidents include:

  • Page Avenue: A .53-mile stretch of highway in Wellston, a suburb of St. Louis, known as Page Avenue is a deadly area for motorists. Many local businesses have even called for more traffic lights to be installed along this roadway to force drivers to slow down and reduce the high accident rate.
  • Interstate 70: This highway, based in St. Louis, is considered one of the most dangerous highways in Missouri. Due to the high speeds on this roadway and the amount of traffic that travels it daily, this four-mile stretch of interstate is responsible for numerous severe injuries and deaths every year. For instance, in 2021, two tractor trailer trucks collided when one rear ended the other on eastbound I-70, resulting in injuries and a totaled vehicle.
  • Sunset Hills — Gravois and Lindbergh Boulevards: This area is considered one of St. Louis’ most dangerous intersections because it’s often congested and converges two high-traffic roads with increased speed limits. Consequently, this intersection is known for producing some of the area’s most severe accidents.

How to Avoid a Speeding Truck Accident

Even though commercial trucks and motor vehicles can often exceed the speed limits on roadways in St. Louis, there are things you can do to prevent or avoid a speeding truck accident, including:

Avoid distractions: Put your phone away, don’t send or read text messages while driving, and keep other distractions to a minimum, such as eating or talking to passengers beside or behind you. Additionally, clear your head before getting behind the wheel, as you need to stay focused on the task at hand. Doing these things helps you stay alert to better notice and avoid speeding trucks that may be in your driving space.

Watch out for other drivers: When you’re watching for drivers and trucks driving at excessive speeds, you are more likely to avoid accidents by getting out of their way before a collision occurs. If possible, exit the interstate or pull off a roadway into a parking lot or other clearing if you see someone driving erratically. You can report a driver if they’re disobeying traffic laws by retrieving a description of their car, a license plate number, or an identifying marker for a truck driver usually found on the back of their commercial vehicle. Wait until they’ve cleared your driving path before you return to the road and resume traveling.

Keep a safe distance: Stay away from large commercial trucks and refrain from cutting them off. Also, be aware of their blind spots and avoid traveling directly behind them or beside them where they cannot see you. If you need to change lanes, ensure you completely clear their driving path and leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the commercial truck.

Who's liable in a speeding truck accident in St. Louis?

If you’re involved in a large truck accident in St. Louis because the truck driver was speeding, they are often the first person to be investigated and implicated for the crash. However, this doesn’t mean they’re the only party that can be found liable. In addition to the truck driver, other responsible parties might include:

  • The trucking company: If the accident involved improper training or inadequate hiring practices, negligently placing dangerous drivers on the roadways
  • Cargo companies: If the accident happened due to improperly loading the truck
  • Passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and other liable parties: If their actions contributed to the collision

How can I prove the truck driver was speeding?

If you’re pursuing an injury claim following your truck accident, proving that a truck driver was speeding potentially leading to the crash can be challenging. Drivers are unlikely to admit they were driving too fast. Consequently, proving fault on the part of the truck driver will require a thorough investigation.

Working with a truck accident attorney can be critical for your case to establish liability and determine the appropriate evidentiary support to solidify your claim. Your personal injury attorney can research your accident and injuries and use the following evidence to show that the truck driver’s excessive speeds caused your accident and increased the severity of your damages:

  • Police report, often indicating traffic violations leading up to the accident and issued citations
  • Witness statements
  • Video surveillance, if any is available
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Medical records and reports
  • Information found in the truck’s event data recorder (similar to a black box), which stores specific input immediately before and after a crash

What if I lost a loved one in a speeding truck accident in St. Louis?

Losing a loved one can be a traumatizing ordeal. However, losing a family member untimely in a preventable speeding truck accident can be unbearable. Although no amount of money can ever fully erase the pain of losing someone close to you, it can help you start rebuilding your life after your immense suffering.

In Missouri, specific individuals can bring a wrongful death claim to recover damages for financial and emotional losses stemming from the death of their loved one caused by another person’s negligence. You must speak with a St. Louis truck accident attorney as soon as possible to determine your legal rights and decide if you have a valid case for a wrongful death lawsuit. Your wrongful death attorney can help you pursue closure and monetary restitution for your pain and resulting financial harm, including funeral costs and loss of a familial relationship.

How can a St. Louis personal injury lawyer at NST Law help me after a speeding truck accident?

To bring a successful injury claim following a speeding truck accident in St. Louis, you need to be able to provide relevant arguments and detailed evidence establishing your claim. However, gathering and preparing these documents and statements is likely the last thing you want to do as you are going through this difficult time and possibly a lengthy recovery. Fortunately, with the help of a St. Louis personal injury lawyer from NST Law, you won’t have to handle the legal consequences of your accident.

Once you decide to retain one of our attorneys to represent you in your civil accident claim, they can:

  • Go over the details of your speeding truck accident, provide you the legal advice you need, and determine whether you have a viable claim
  • Go over your legal options and answer any questions you have about the accident and the legal process
  • Investigate the speeding truck accident and gather the evidence needed, such as medical and police reports, to build a strong case on your behalf
  • Pursue the compensation you need, including economic damages (e.g., property damage and medical bills), non-economic damages (e.g., pain and suffering), and even punitive damages if applicable (i.e., when the negligent party’s actions are egregious, such as drinking and driving or a trucking company voluntarily ignoring required maintenance protocols thereby allowing the continued operation of potentially dangerous trucks)
  • Ensure the timely filing of necessary legal documents
  • Handle the conversations and negotiations with the other side, including the insurance companies and adjusters
  • Fight relentlessly for your rights, get the optimal results, and obtain fair compensation for your injuries and other damages

If you or a family member suffered injuries in a St. Louis speeding truck accident, don’t wait to seek the legal help you need, as there is a time limit to file your civil claim. Contact NST Law today for a free case evaluation and let our truck accidents lawyers get you the information, advice, and help you require.

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