Jackson, TN Wrongful Death Lawyers

Jackson, TN Wrongful Death Lawyers

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Losing a loved one due to the wrongful action, or inaction, of another is one of the most difficult things that a person can go through. For most people, the loss itself is almost too much to bear. However, things become even more difficult once the time comes to take care of the deceased’s estate and affairs. There may be funeral expenses, medical bills, and other expenses that have to be paid. If plans were not made ahead of time to cover those expenses, you could find yourself dealing with a financial crisis on top of your immense grief and sorrow. If you have lost a loved one due to the wrongful actions or omissions of another, the Jackson wrongful death attorneys at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz may be able to assist you through this difficult time. As the largest personal injury law firm based in Tennessee, we have been serving the survivors of victims in Jackson and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

Navigating Tennessee’s Complex Wrongful Death Laws

Under Tennessee law, the survivors of those who have died due to someone else’s negligence are potentially entitled to various forms of recovery. As interpreted by the Tennessee Supreme Court, Tenn. Code Ann. § 20-5-113 provides for two classes of compensation: damages that the deceased would have been entitled to recover if they had survived, and damages that the decedent’s survivors are entitled to recover due to the losses they suffered as a result of the decedent’s death. The first class of damages can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earning capacity, and funeral expenses. The second class of damages includes various factors that are lumped together under what is generally referred to as the pecuniary value of the deceased’s life. These factors include the deceased’s life expectancy, earning capacity, health condition, personal habits, and more. Together, the different classes of damages available in a wrongful death case can help ensure that a victim’s family members are not left shouldering the burden of high medical bills and other expenses.

However, due to the complex nature of Tennessee’s wrongful death statutory scheme, it would unfortunately be very difficult for a survivor to bring a wrongful death action without the assistance of a Jackson lawyer experienced in wrongful death claims. Even the question of who is entitled to bring the wrongful death action in the first place can be a confusing one. Depending on the facts of the case and the relationship between the surviving family members and the deceased, Tennessee law provides that the decedent’s spouse, children, personal representative, and other relatives can all potentially be the correct party. To make matters more complicated, given Tennessee’s strict statute of limitations for wrongful death claims, bringing the claim through the wrong party could lead to a situation where recovery is barred altogether. This is why it is critical to secure competent legal representation.

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If you have lost a loved one due to the wrongful conduct of another, let the experienced wrongful death lawyers at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz guide you in asserting the claim and advising which damages you may be entitled to. With over 30 attorneys and more than 100 staff members, our Jackson wrongful death lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to represent surviving loved ones. Many wrongful death claims arise out of truck accidents or other forms of negligence, including medical malpractice or nursing home abuse. Call us today at 800-LAW-4004 or complete our online form to set up a free consultation with an injury lawyer. Our firm represents clients across Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky, including in Jackson, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville, Caruthersville, Hayti, Oxford, Tupelo, Starkville, Grenada, Columbus, Meridian, Jackson, Little Rock, and Jonesboro. NST is the way to go.

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