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Medical Malpractice Verdicts & Settlements

The firm represented a widow on behalf of her deceased husband in a medical malpractice case. The Decedent went in for stomach pain. The medical personnel knew he had an abdominal aneurysm but failed to treat or consider the aneurysm as a cause of his stomach pain. The Decedent was discharged and was dead within 24 hours due to a ruptured aneurysm. The case was contested. The firm prepared the case for trial, engaged in extensive discovery, retained experts, obtained an economist to calculate loss of earning capacity and took the depositions of numerous medical personnel. The case was otherwise prepared for trial when the case was mediated and resolved for a significant confidential amount.

NST represented a 37-year-old man in a medical malpractice action following a surgery related to his diverticulitis. During the removal of a colostomy, a sponge was left inside his abdomen following the surgery. As a result of the complications from this sponge, he was forced to undergo further surgical intervention resulting in the loss of a large portion of his intestine. He suffered severe permanent injuries, including short gut syndrome, a condition where the body is unable to fully absorb nutrients from food. Our firm engaged in heated litigation with the defendants, who continually denied their liability in this matter. We obtained a team of experts, including medical experts and vocational experts, to create a foundational support for our client’s case. Our attorneys engaged in a lengthy litigation process, including depositions, court hearings, and witness preparation for trial. As the trial neared, NST was able to successfully resolve the matter at mediation, obtaining a significant confidential settlement for our client.

Our firm represented a family in a medical malpractice case who suffered the loss of their newborn son due to injuries sustained during the delivery process. During labor, the mother’s condition deteriorated creating the need for an emergency delivery. Although the mother did not give consent for the doctor to do so, the doctor used forceps to extract the infant during delivery. The use of the forceps caused the infant’s brain to be separated from the spinal cord. The baby lived only 14 days after birth. Our attorneys prepared the case for by immediately contacting medical experts to confirm the infant’s cause of death as well as give opinions on the conduct and procedures used by the defendants. Throughout the protracted course of litigation, the NST team of attorneys developed the case through many depositions of witnesses and experts, including medical experts. The firm also obtained an expert economist to examine the financial loss associated with the death of the infant. Throughout this hotly contested case, our attorneys engaged in motion practice, hearings, and continued to prepare the case for trial. Prior to the trial date, our firm was successful in negotiating a significant confidential settlement for our clients.