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Serving as a regional hub in northwest Tennessee, Dyersburg is no exception to personal injury law, especially concerning car accidents and truck accidents, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation, among others. Whether you are making a claim against an at-fault driver, dealing with your employer’s insurance policy, or have suffered pain from an unsafe product or medication, individuals in Dyersburg should be able to protect their legal rights and recover fair compensation for losses caused by the negligence of others. As the largest plaintiff’s personal injury law firm based in Tennessee, Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz has 33 dedicated injury attorneys who are ready and available to help you pursue fair compensation. Our Dyersburg personal injury lawyers are ready to take your call today.

Pursuing Compensation for Damages After an Accident

With roads like U.S. 51, Dyersburg is in a rather central location when it comes to traveling between Tennessee and surrounding states. Thus, you may be involved in a car or truck accident that has resulted in damages or injuries. In 2016 alone, there were over 860 car accidents in Dyer County. In cases for auto accidents, those who are injured are tasked with the responsibility to prove that other drivers’ negligence was the cause of the crash. This is known as the plaintiff’s burden of proof.

Negligence involved in an auto or trucking accident can appear in a variety of forms, including texting while driving, drinking and driving, failing to use turn and lane-switch signals, following too closely, and failing to follow federal trucking regulations. Tennessee drivers who violate their duty to follow state laws that protect passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists can be held responsible for their actions, especially when they have resulted in injuries and damages to others. Proving another driver’s negligence is a vital step that can lead to a successful claim and potential compensation for pain and suffering and other damages.

It is also not uncommon to undergo a job-related illness or injury, especially for jobs involving manual labor. In this context, employees may have a right to benefits from their company’s workers’ compensation insurer. It is necessary to be diligent in reporting your injury to your employer in order to recover benefits for medical treatment, disability, and wage replacement that you may be eligible to receive. Contacting a personal injury lawyer in the Dyersburg area sooner rather than later will allow sufficient time to gather relevant evidence in an effort to strengthen your claim.

If you have suffered from an injury relating to a dangerous or defective product, a product liability claim may be warranted. Examples could include faulty airbags, malfunctioning auto parts, or unsafe toys. Companies’ failure to monitor or warn of potential defects in their products can cause serious injuries to an individual or child. Product liability can be a very complicated area of law, especially when it comes at the hands of large organizations and businesses. No matter how clear the evidence may seem, hiring a lawyer well-versed in this particular field is central to building a case. Pursuing compensation by way of settlement or trial requires a great deal of planning and knowledge in order to be successful.

If you have been injured in the Dyersburg area, you may have required medical attention at Dyersburg Regional Medical Center, located at 400 E. Tickle Street, Dyersburg, TN 38024, or you may be unsure of how to get covered for repairs to your vehicle. Damages can emerge in a multitude of forms, such as medical costs, time missed from work, compensation necessary to fix your car, or emotional pain. If any of these types of damages have occurred at work or as a result of another person’s negligence, you have the right to hire an attorney so that you can be fully prepared to assert your claim.

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When it comes to defending and protecting your legal rights, having an experienced attorney by your side is extremely important as you navigate through the legal process. In the event that you or a loved one has been injured, please call Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz today. Our lawyers have served victims throughout West Tennessee for over 30 years. Furthermore, the attorneys at NST have recovered more than $1.5 billion in compensation for the victims we have represented in auto accidents , workers’ compensation, product liability, medical malpractice, and others. Please contact our office to schedule a free consultation with a Dyersburg personal injury attorney today by calling 800-529-4004 or completing our online form.